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Sunday, November 11, 2012

AKSA Rental Power 1 MW

Having been the prominent manufacturer of generator sets over 30 years,AKSA is now to serve to rental equipment market with its new line of rental generator sets with a start on 1000 kW AKSA Rental Power

AKSA Rental Power Generator sets housing either Cummins KTA50G3 or Mitsubishi S12R-PTA heavy duty engines are designed to meet the specifications requested by the industry experts from inside out.Standard 20' ISO container features, 4 lift points and fork lift slots as standard,accompanying with side ladder,embedded doors,hinges and louvers for safer transportation.External topping points and drain pipes are available for oil,fuel and water supply. The generator set inside is surrounded by anti skid safe metal flooring for a safer maintenance.Additional features are external fuel inlet with t-joint to allow easy converting  between internal and external fuel tanks,external emergency stop button,external visual and audible alarm,remote alarm fire protection,external power cable outlet.

AKSA Rental Power Generator Sets provide dual frequency (50 Hz - 60 Hz) and variable voltage adjustments available for operation under various systems. It offers quick voltage change and synchronizing facility for multi-genset operations.  Cooling system is designed to endure the temperatures over 50 C.

AKSA Rental Power will be supported by AKSA Service Centers dispersed around major markets in Middle East and Africa.

Monday, September 24, 2012

AKSA Power Generation showed up in Power Nigeria 2012

AKSA Power Generation continues its road show on Africa's major markets. Latest venue was Power Nigeria 2012 that was held in Abuja between 18-20 September. Many international companies from the electrical supply industry had the opportunity to network with authorities from Nigeria's ever growing energy industry.


AKSA Stand,demonstrating its products with internationally approved products and competitive prices,,attracted a high profile audience from private companies and government bodies. AKSA once again emphasized its existence in Nigeria and neighboring countries with its local and international dealer network.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

AKSA Power Generation Opens its 3rd Plant in China

AKSA Power Generation opened the world's largest generator factory in China.

Generator factory is the third plant AKSA has opened in China so far and will have an annual production capacity of 24.000 generator sets.AKSA has seen an increasing demand since its first establishment in China,in 2007 and has risen its investments up to 50 million USD in China alone accordingly.

AKSA Power Generation,is among the top five generator set suppliers in the world and the new factory is expected to export its products over 150 countries in the world. Product range varies from 10 kW to 2500 kW.

With its two other factories in Changzhou and Wuxi,AKSA has become the largest generator set exporter in China and also has become the preferred brand in local market.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Small Touch ups for Big Differences

AKSA introduces its new daily fuel tanks for its generator sets above 650 kW range,inline with ongoing product differentiation efforts. Conventional free standing fuel tanks,that used to have a flatter roof surface has now been changed with the ones having a tilted top. This will allow the fuel tank to withstand harsh weather conditions when it is to be placed outdoors.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aksa Power Generation will exhibit in Africa Electricity 2011

South Africa will account for 21.28% of the Middle East and Africa regional power generation by 2015 and is the dominant regional electricity generator ahead of both Saudi Arabia and Iran. Regional Energy demand is forecasted to grow by 20.8% between 2010-2015.

Beyond the figures, South Africa has already been the regional hub for markets in South African region ,in terms of re-export and manufacturing. Appreciating the importance of South African Market,AKSA Power Generation has already been serving the market since 2007. It has also shifted its African Operation from Istanbul to Dubai to maintain close ties with its clients in the region and to utilize the logistical advantage in full. Besides supporting local partners and network,AKSA Power Generation aims to demonstrate its products and services to a high quality audience of potential clients, representatives of local utilities and government agencies, by exhibiting in this year's show. 

Africa Electricity is hosted by Informa Exhibitions that is also the organizer for Middle East Electricity that is now in its 37th year,enjoys 1.000 exhibitors from over 50 countries and 16.000 visitors from over 115 countries

Exhibition will take place in Gallagher Convention Center in  Johannesburg, between 15 and 17 November 2011. Visitors may experience AKSA products and have valuable information about AKSA services at Stand No.G12

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

www.generatorssouthafrica.com is now online !

AKSA Power Generation has launched a new web site on www.generatorssouthafrica.com to reach all its existing and potential clients in South Africa and neighboring countries.

The web site is expected to be one of the busiest in the region,focusing the power generation industry.It provides valuable and updated information about ongoing campaigns, useful links and local and international contact details.

The web site has already grabbed significant attention from the industry that took it up in the rankings for the favorable web sites.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AKSA Power Generation has extended its Doosan line

Doosan powered generator sets have already been accepted and preffered by AKSA clients as an alternative to the existing products powered by Cummins engines.AKSA, used to have the Doosan powered generator sets between 330 kVA and 770 kVA standby ourput, now introduces two new models; AD220 and AD275.

AD220 and AD275 are both equipped with 6-cylinder turbo charged and after cooled Doosan Engines, providing an output of 220 kVA and 275 kVA Standby Ratings respectively at 50Hz. AKSA uses Meccalte alternators form Italy as standard equipment for this line of generating sets,whereas Stamford alternator option is also available upon request. Both engines have the electronic governor and both sets are controlled and monitored by Deepsea 7320 Auto Mains Failure Control Module. Canopied generator sets are furnished with four lockable hinged door for easy access to generator set for maintenance and service. Polyester composite powder topcoat forms high gloss and extremely durable finish.

After sales support and spare parts delivery are all provided by AKSA Power Generation for all AKSA models.

All AKSA models carry the double warranty of AKSA Power Generation and original equipment providers.

AKSA Power Generation to show up in Projekta by Constroi Angola 2011

Projekta by Constroi Angola 2011 will take place between 27th and 30th of October 2011 at FIL International Exhibition Center Luanda . Exhibition is the largest sector-oriented event in the particular geographic area. It is expected to be the ideal platform for the visitors and exhibitors seeking opportunities for industry trade and construction services.

Over the past years, the market in Angola has been witnessing a rapid growth since Angola is still in the process of rebuilding its infrastructure as one of the prominent developing countries.

AKSA Power Generation will be welcoming its clients,and guests in Hall 2 Stand no.2070,introducing new product lines and services accompanying with improvements in its existing lines.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Training Season Approaches

Training has been a major service issue for AKSA Generators,nurturing sufficient amount of information to its clients around the world.

Routine training sessions are held twice a year at AKSA Headquarters in Istanbul to provide AKSA users an opportunity to improve their knowledge about the company,its recent practices its future plans and as well as their vision of AKSA.

Training sessions consist of two chapters,each of which takes a period of one week. First week mainly covers the theoretical concepts like basics about generator set and its manufacturing process whereas the second covers the practical studies for which the attendees are expected to join the service teams to experience basic maintenance and troubleshooting. 

By the end of the course, they are asked to take a test to get the Certificate of Achievement that will let them act as a service correspondent for AKSA all around the world.

Similar classes are also given by experienced  AKSA personnel  to the clients at their premises or at AKSA branch offices around the world whichever available.

A recent class was held in Dubai at AKSA Power Generation FZE Jebel Ali premises,for AKSA Clients located in Dubai by attendance of technical advisors from Turkey.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AKSA Power Generation FZE delivers the unique turn-key project in Seychelles

AKSA Power Generation FZE,branch office of AKSA Generators for Middle East and Africa,delivered Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare its unique power generation system.

Power System consists of 3 Substations. 2 units AC1410 synchronized sets,powered by Cummins KTA50G3 engines, in Substation 1,1 unit AC880,powered by Cummins QSK23G3 engine,in Substation 2 and client’s existing 400 kVA and 800 kVA synchronized generator sets in Substation 3 are all located in different locations inside the compound. Distances between substations go up to 800 m. All Substations are connected to each other with underground fiber-optic cable allowing all to be monitored and controlled from a central control room. PLC system allows the Power System to assist as backup to the main supply as well as sharing the load on mains exceeding 900 kVA.

Thanks to dedicated team of engineers and technicians of AKSA Power generation FZE service team who are involved in joint efforts with their valued counterparts from Turkey,South Africa,Kenya and Seychelles,to implement such a unique set up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aksa Generators introduced its “Canopy for High-power Generator Sets” .

When it comes to locating high-power generator sets,2000 kVA and above to remote  areas and outdoors, it is always a great concern to deliver the  generator sets with its enclosure, especially  to overseas.    Canopies often will not fit  in even a 40’ High Cube Container and ISO Containers are usually far from offering a cost-effective solution besides providing the technical requirements such as sound levels.

Thanks to its continuous efforts on R&D,AKSA Generators offers an alternative to conventional enclosing for high-power generator sets with its drop-over AK99 canopy.

AK99 is specially designed for AC2250 Generator Sets Powered by Cummins QSK60G4 engines and also used for AKSA Generators powered by Mitsubishi Engines. AK99 provides a perfect weather protection and sound attenuation to the valuable equipment inside, while optimizing the generator set cooling performance. Modular designed soundproof drop-over enclosure with its 6 doors offers ease of access to generator room for servicing and general maintenance. Interchangeable components on canopy permits on-site partial repair on damaged parts.

AKSA Generators offers its AC2250 , AC2500 , APD1650M , APD1915M , APD2100M model generator sets with AK99 drop-over style canopies, alternative to its containerized models.

Download AK99 Datasheet

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Variable Speed Fan on AKSA Generator Sets

Conventional cooling systems on generator sets require engine crankshaft and fan start to rotate all together while starting the generator set.This has a great effect on the net power output of the engine and the generator set.For example an engine with 970 kWm Standby gross output may lose up to 17 kWm to fan drive. Since coolant circulation will not start until the engine reaches to ideal operation temperature,fan and the radiator will not provide their full performance until the circulation starts.W hich means the fan will run in vain. The power taken by the fan will increase in a parabolic path according to engine speed.

AKSA Power Generation has introduced a new line of diesel generator sets,equipped with "Electromagnetic Fan Clutch".This is a fan pulley that has 2 and 3-step activation system,that will allow the engine running without the fan at first start and at idle speed.The  clutch is controlled by a module by data taken form the engine cooling system,so that fan speed will keep low at low coolant temperature and high at high coolant temperature. This type pf fan mechanism have already been used widely in automotive industry.

Tests performed at AKSA premises in Istanbul,have shown that employing an electromagnetic fan clutch contributes significantly to diesel engine output. A Cummins QST30G4 engine was tested. Fan took only 2.9 kWm at 400 rpm fan speed compared to 39.2 kWm at 1000 rpm.

Using an electromagnetic fan clutch for the fan pulley will have advantages such as;the first step load acceptance for diesel generator set will improve,less fan load on the engine will contribute to lower fuel consumption,less fan speed will decrease the noise level at start and idle run,cold start capability of generator set will increase.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Power Generation Training in Dubai

Supplier of generator sets in Dubai and service provider,AKSA Power Generation FZE also provides technical and commercial training to its clients in Middle East and Africa

The last one took place between 17th and 19th July 2011 at AKSA Premises in Dubai. 3-day training covered main topics in detail on generator sets and power generation system operation and maintenance. Theoretical information was provided to participants by AKSA experts,prior to hands-on training in service department. Participants enjoyed networking during coffee brakes and had the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas with AKSA staff.

 At the end of the session,all participants succeeded to get the 'Certificate of Achievement"

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AKSA Power Generation in Dubai UAE is now serving also to Africa

AKSA Power Generation established its warehouse and branch office in Jebel Ali Free Zone,UAE in 2003. Since then it has been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of high quality generator sets in UAE and Gulf Countries.By  the last quarter of 2010 AKSA Started serving African Power Market also from Dubai. It has moved to its new premises in Jebel Ali Free Zone to handle the increasing demand from the new territories.


New office and warehouse complex is located on the South Zone in Jebel Ali,on 11000 sqm plot with 3000 sqm covered area.It is holding the generator sets with capacities starting form 3 kVA up  to 2200 kVA ready for immediate delivery,Its convenient location allows fast deliveries Gulf Countries and African countries especially to Qatar,Kenya,Tanzania and South Africa.


It is also housing the service facility to handle installation,start-up and maintenance and repair for generator sets in Middle East and Africa,Generator set repair and overhauling for all types of equipment is performed in the facilities.Large number of spare parts for generator sets are available ex-stock.Turnkey   power solutions,including the synchronizing systems are undertaken by trained and highly experienced technical staff.

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Construction Lights from Aksa Generators

Construction Lights

AKSA Power Generation has introduced the new line of mobile generator sets with built-in lighting tower. Powered by APD22PE model AKSA Generator set, this mobile unit provides 22 kVA Standby output, feeding the 4 x 1000 W Halogen Lights and auxiliary outputs.


Manual hand winch operated telescopic mast, to provide easy operation and maintenance in the field, can expand up to 8 meters with its 3-section boom. 4 pieces of expandable, stabilizer legs with Jack-wheel will provide extra stability under harsh climatic conditions.

Trailer is equipped with over-run coupling and hand brake system for extra safety. It runs on single axle with suspension and 14" tires.

Alternative models with 15 kVA Standby, powered by APD15P and 11 kVA Standby, powered by APD11P are available in product range.

Units are delivered ex-stock in AKSA Power Generation FZE Jebel Ali.

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